Platform31 is a knowledge and network organization that keeps a watchful eye on the trends within cities and regions. We connect policy, practice and science to comprehensively tackle current issues, designing an approach that enables administrators, policy makers and implementers to take swift and effective action. Needless to say, we do not keep these solutions to ourselves: everyone profits from the results.

Unique Approach

Platform31 occupies an independent position between the government sector, civil society organizations and market players. We bring parties together, find the common interest and get to work. Platform31 is one of the few organizations in Europe that combines research, policy and practice on both a national and an international level.

Why Platform31?

We work on assignment and offer extraordinary added value. This is generated by our extensive network, constructive debate, the critical lens of the outsider and the opportunities we provide to engage in joint research.

Platform31 has more than 300 partners, including ministries, provinces, cities, corporations and market parties. Are you also working to create bold, vibrant towns, cities and regions? Then sign on with us as a partner.

What can Platform31 do for you? Contact us for advice or a quote.