Smart Small Living

Maarten Hoorn en Rob Kotte, Smart Small Living, Platform31, 2016.

Smart small living is een woonvorm die uitgaat van kleiner en slimmer wonen, bijvoorbeeld door het gemeenschappelijke gebruik van voorzieningen. Smart small living voorziet in de behoefte van diverse groepen, is geschikt voor de transformatie van leegstaande gebouwen en sluit aan op trends als flexibel bouwen en blurring. Desondanks lijkt de regelgeving hier nog niet voldoende rekening mee te houden.

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Urs Peter Flückiger, How Much House?
Thoreau, Le Corbusier and the Sustainable Cabin
, Birkhauser, 2016.

The space we live in, reduced to a minimum, has been fascinating us for generations – the writer Thoreau lived in a self-built hut in the forest from 1845-1847. In 1952, Le Corbusier built a hut at the Côte d’Azur for himself and his wife. Inspired by this, Urs Peter Flückiger, together with his students, built an ecologically and economically sustainable cabin in the Texan prairie. All three projects share the idea of minimal space and its relationship with the surrounding nature. In text, drawings, and photographs, this book analyses the three projects and shows parallels and similarities. Inspired by Tolstoy’s story How Much Land Does A Man Need?, the author asks: “How much house does a man need?”, thereby providing a pointed contribution to the current discussion on the requirement for housing. Preview

Tiny Houses

Richard Nelson, Tiny Houses, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.

Guidebook. It is full of all the tips and tricks that you need to get started on the perfect design for your new tiny home. Plus, it has actual tiny house plans for those who are serious about such a project.

Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials

Ryan Mitchell, Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials, Adams Media Corporation, 2016.

Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials is full of ideas for using reclaimed materials and upcycled goods to construct a tiny house that is good for the earth and truly unique. Ryan Mitchell, author of The Tiny Life blog, shows you how to repurpose everyday items to create your new home, including shipping containers, salvaged barn wood, and reclaimed shingles.

Tiny Houses

John Campbell, Tiny Houses, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.

Complete Guide to Tiny Houses.

Tiny Houses

Akys Taylor, Tiny Houses, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.

Have You Always Wanted To Build Your Own Tiny House?
You will discover tiny house plans that give you an idea of what your options are for going tiny.

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